Andrew Stearns

MCA Search - 1

I have worked with Steve and have known him for well over a decade; he runs an excellent business and is superb at knowing the recruitment strategies that can help build companies successfully. He placed many folks with me when I was a hiring manager, and always checks in to see how my career is progressing. I would recommend Steve to any company looking for talent, or to any individual looking to potentially making a change in their career.

Thomas A. Snyder

MCA Search - 3

I've known Steve a long time and he goes well beyond the call of duty in getting to really know, and sincerely care, about placing people in the right work 'marriage.' His career is a difficult one but his success is well known within my peer group of professional technology sales champions. I recommend you talk to Steve at any phase of your career because you will pull something positive out of the experience.

John Neptune

MCA Search - 5

I've worked with and known Steve for 20 + years. I know him from both sides of the hiring process; as a person looking for a new opportunity and also as a hiring manager. He does an excellent job of getting to know you as a candidate as well as knowing what qualities you're looking for when hiring "A" salespeople. A true professional with great communication skills.

Tom Luff

MCA Search - 7

Having known and worked with Steve for the better part of 20 years I can say that he is extremely Client focused and has a strong network of contacts to bring value. I recommend talking to Steve if you are in search for a Software sales related opening to fill or position to take on.

John N. Harrison

MCA Search - 9

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve many times over the years. I highly recommend him. He gets the job done. He takes the time upfront to understand what you are looking for, understanding that your time is valuable. Steve is among the best.

Dean Briccola

MCA Search - 11

I have known Steve for 20+ years and can tell anyone that if you are considering a change in your current role to pick up the phone and call him !! He is a great resource and will always do what's best for you. Not to mention a good conversation as well 🙂

Mike Bonomo

MCA Search - 13

Steve was responsible for helping me make an important career decision. Without his persistence and guidance, I would most likely have passed on what has turned out to be a wonderful opportunity. I have great appreciation for Steve's style and his judgement. He is thorough and wise - an absolute pleasure to work with.

Morgan Mahanke

MCA Search - 15

I have worked with Steve both as a candidate and a customer. Steve provided me with excellent service, not only from a candidate perspective but also always provided with first-rate sales professionals. He is well-connected in the industry and is always willing to go the extra mile without being asked. Steve epitomizes the old-school recruiter who knows his craft and gets the job done.

Chris Murphy

MCA Search - 17

I have been doing business with Steve for nearly 20 years and I continue to come back to him for recruiting top-notch sales talent. He has always been very professional and responsive, and a pleasure to partner with throughout my career both in helping me grow successful sales teams as well as finding leadership opportunities for me. When colleagues in the business ask me for a recruiting referral, Steve is always the first name I share with them.

Adam Young

MCA Search - 19

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve on a few occasions. I have always found him to be diligent, professional and to be customer focused always placing my needs ahead of his. Steve brings a wealth of experience and as such I have found his insights to be valuable. I would not hesitate to recommend Steve.

Steve Kaminski

MCA Search - 21

Steve did a just fabulous job connecting me with a great opportunity at Cleo. Steve set me up for success by translating my personal brand proposition in solving enterprise revenue and supply chain challenges with technology to Cleo's needs to continue building share as a fast moving, PE owned firm. I am thrilled with the opportunity & it would not have happened without Steve's help.

Angela Perone

MCA Search - 23

Working with Steve, helped lay the groundwork experience I needed for my current position at KAI! He has also successfully assisted me with a number of my job placements throughout the years!

Patrick Dahn

MCA Search - 25

Steve helped me move into the Cybersecurity industry. He was very professional and got me several very qualified opportunities. I eventually landed with Broadcom a leader in the Cybersecurity industry. It has been a wonderful experience so far. I am very happy with my move. Steve is a pro.

Eddie Bridgers

MCA Search - 27

I am happy to recommend Steve and his services to anyone looking for top quality sales talent. He has always been a great supporter in the past, always responsive and looking to seek to top leaders in the industry. He consistently seeks to understand the requirements and needs of the company that he is conducting a search. Bottom line, Steve delivers results and is a great person on top of that. #success #toptalent

Frank Harvey

MCA Search - 29

I have been doing business with Steve for over 30 years both as a manager taking his clients and as a client being placed. Steve has always made it his priority to clearly understand either what I wanted in a candidate or what we agreed would be the best thing for me as the candidate. Never, in my experience, has Steve put the transaction before the proper ‘placement’. Regardless if it be for a candidate for me or for myself personally when I was the candidate. He was always looking to put me in the best spot possible. I felt that on my behalf, Steve always worked with hiring managers who fully understood what I was after and what was best me as a person and the current situation I was looking for. I continue to bounce things off Steve as I have gone back to being an individual contributor and always look for his point of view with things in general and specific industries, companies, and management relationships.I can truly say that my relationship with Steve has grown over time to be as much ‘personal’ as it has been professional and to me that says a lot in terms of whale has done for me throughout my career. Steve, thanks and lets be sure to keep it going, I have no intention of stopping and I am always looking for a challenge, thanks again for everything.

Tom Kosturos

MCA Search - 31

I have had great success working with Steve where other recruiters failed to deliver. Steve is very focused on my specific needs and requirements, and we've built a large portion of my team together.

Mike Mayer

MCA Search - 33

I have worked with Steve in both capacities. Steve takes time to understands your technical requirements, your company culture, and your teams dynamic....then brings you great talent to hire. When its time to look for your next career move.....Steve can be trusted to find you the next opportunity.

Liz Benuscak

MCA Search - 35

Steve is a consummate professional. He takes the time to work with his candidates on helping them to promote their careers while still looking out for the needs of his clients. He is generous with his time and expertise and an inspiration to all who know him!

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