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About Us

Meet the Founder and Owner of MCA Spence Martin


MCA wants to earn your business forever. We become a trusted adviser to your team for your hiring process. We dig down deep into the root of what you want, need, and are striving to become. MCA has been recruiting field sales executives, pre-sales engineers, architects, senior consultants, and leadership talent for more than two decades. We partner with our clients to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relationships that lead to successful hiring.

We not only provide excellent recruiting skills but we also provide competitive analysis. Want to know what your competition is doing? Want to know where they are hiring? Want to know what their comp plans are? Talk with us about our strategic competitive analysis offerings.

About the Founder


Having started his career in an enterprise technology sales role, Steve Lumas understood early the importance of creating need and the value of what innovation can bring to a client. He brought both established products and new technologies to market. His success put him into a leadership role only four years out of college. Being in this type of role, he learned the importance of successful hiring and saw that his own success alone was not enough when running and building a team.

He had experience recruiting and searching for talents using a variety of resources including a number of different recruiting agencies. Frustrated with the lack of real concern to his efforts to build a world-class team and only interested in a fee, Steve saw a need for a different kind of recruiter.

Hence the birth of his first firm, Management Consulting Associates in 1990. His goal was to establish a firm that went deep and earned a lifetime of business from his clients by understanding their needs and focusing on delivering the best service. He began by working as a contractor for a firm to establish a close connection to the client so that he could really get a deep understanding of what they wanted and expected.

After a very successful run that lasted years, in 1994 he began to emerge and take on multiple clients at about the dawn of the dot com explosion. He worked with both well established fortune 1000 firms as well as his ever increasing early stage portfolio of firms that were bringing new products to market. He was always focusing on the best interest of his clients.

In about 2002, Steve sold his firm and began a very successful partnership in MCA Spence Martin. Continuing to build on his well established beliefs and solid foundation, the firm blossomed to heights he never imagined. In 2006, he saw the market changing yet again and thought the growth of the firm was putting his core beliefs (to provide the kind of attention to his clients) in jeopardy. Wanting to not lose that competitive edge, he arranged for the buyout of MCA Spence Martin to take full control back into his hands and refocus the firm on its core values.

Today, MCA maintains these high standards and continues to bring the very best service to its clients.

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