I have been doing business with Steve for over 30 years both as a manager taking his clients and as a client being placed. Steve has always made it his priority to clearly understand either what I wanted in a candidate or what we agreed would be the best thing for me as the candidate. Never, in my experience, has Steve put the transaction before the proper ‘placement’. Regardless if it be for a candidate for me or for myself personally when I was the candidate. He was always looking to put me in the best spot possible. I felt that on my behalf, Steve always worked with hiring managers who fully understood what I was after and what was best me as a person and the current situation I was looking for. I continue to bounce things off Steve as I have gone back to being an individual contributor and always look for his point of view with things in general and specific industries, companies, and management relationships.I can truly say that my relationship with Steve has grown over time to be as much ‘personal’ as it has been professional and to me that says a lot in terms of whale has done for me throughout my career. Steve, thanks and lets be sure to keep it going, I have no intention of stopping and I am always looking for a challenge, thanks again for everything.