Retained Services

Have a critical position that needs immediate attention and is time-sensitive? Retained search has the advantage of providing a dedicated service that can get the job done faster and more efficiently.

With a retained search, you get the following:

  • MCA Search’s retained search services ensure that you have a dedicated recruiter solely focused on your search, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the process. A more refined, in-depth, and streamlined review process
  • A detailed and more consistent screening process
  • Periodic feedback throughout the search period, giving you more accurate information about Employees to make adjustments and changes throughout the process
  • Greater control over the time to completion of the critical search
  • A commitment and vested interest in the search that is truly unmatched
  • More consistency in the message you are sending out with no chance of misrepresentation of company details that typically can result during a contingency search by using multiple agencies in a less controlled setting

Contract Recruiting

Contract recruiting is a great alternative for you to consider during heavy hiring periods. For an hourly rate, you get an experienced, dedicated recruiter who works and represents your firm as if they are an employee.
They use your company email and reach out to applicants solely for your firm’s benefit, and you are not charged per hire.

Regardless of whether you hire 3 or 10 Employees, the cost is the same. Contract recruiting is available for 3- to 12-month projects. With this plan in place, you do not have to worry about the benefits and onboarding of new full-time employees. Your costs are predictable. At the end of the project, the recruiter turns everything over to you. For more information about hourly rates, call us today!